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My Story

Fernando is a Sydney-based illustrator with a solid background in Marketing.
He has been sketching and illustrating sheets of paper since his early childhood.

While growing up, Fernando continued exploring art and freehand illustration. He developed his own artistic style drawing inspiration from the likes of Robert Crumb and Maurice Sendak. 

He is always keen to express his ideas visually, using crayons, pens or simply a good old HB pencil.

He combines strategic thinking with creative storytelling techniques to assist organisations in visualising ideas, concepts and strategy.

Fernando is always curious to understand what drives decision-making and user behaviour. He draws on his analytical skills to unveil and understand the 'whys' behind consumer decision-making and applies his creative illustration skills to bring insights to life.

Fernando believes great ideas deserve to be properly visualised in order to be properly understood and communicated.

When he is not illustrating, Fernando can be found enjoying a good game of basketball while sipping an extra hot cup of espresso coffee. 

He lives with his family in Sydney, Australia.